That's right, we are indeed building a team, but not everyone is invited or will make it. Life may not be fair but entry into our team is. Why, because YOU have complete control of entry.

It is said you have control of two things in life: 1) attitude and 2) effort. I completely agree with that statement but we have upped the ante and added two more factors that we believe you have complete control of. These last two make up our T.E.A.M model for success.

 Methods are many, principles are a few.  Methods always change, principles never do.  -Warren Wiersbe

To master your body and performance you need to have some understanding of the foundational tenants of exercise science. These principles are in a way the guiding lights, or should be, behind all of your program development and organization. In this three part series, we will highlight these critical principles and help you understand how to apply them.

Myth: Lifting weights will stunt a child's growth.

Truth: A properly designed and supervised resistance program can be very effective at improving muscular strength, bone density (1) and overall health.

As the calendar hits January 13th another year for me comes to a close. Year 31 was full of intrigue and fun. Like all things it had ups, downs, ins, outs, opportunities taken, opportunities missed, but always, always, worth every minute. This was a really fun post for me ....hope you enjoy!

The mighty oak tree is a symbol of power and strength.  Legend has it that it is the most powerful of all trees and the mighty oak stands strong through all things. Therefore it only made sense that we named our training system OAK Strong.

We all know our ability to resist temptation is very limited when the holiday season comes calling. So many wonderful smells and tastes do we really stand a chance? Believe it or not we can make through the season while not only enjoying the delicious foods that go with the season but actually maintain our waistline in the meantime. Here are 5 very effective ways to control the amount of food you eat during the holiday season.

More is fun but not always better.  Too much information from too many folks.  Who do you trust?  What should you do?  Time to put your worries to bed.  It is time the truth came front and center for all to see and know.  Today is part one of an ongoing series which will address common fitness and performance misconcpetions, myths and downright lies.

I will be the first to admit that big shiny objects can steal my attention and send me into a Homer Simpson-esque state of mind. Ooh shiny!!! As Americans we are blessed with the latest and greatest, best and newest, shiniest and most attractive. At the same time we are cursed with having such an abundance of options as our focus, patience and perseverance. It seems we would rather make our judgments based on appearance and attractiveness rather than taking the time to consider something's true merit based off of its actual effectiveness.

Bombshell time...Muscle toning is an enormous myth which was created and fabricated by people who don't really understand the human body and exactly what they needed to do to get the look they wanted. Unfortunately this myth has kept a number of people from actually making any progress for years on end. An understanding of our anatomy, human physiology combined with research clearly shows us that this myth of muscle toning is unfounded.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. –Albert Einstein

As human beings we are by definition dysfunctional. We are constantly striving to maintain integrity, balance and, efficiency. Before you accuse me of judging your character I am of course taking about dysfunctional movement and the fight to maintain joint integrity, movement balance and efficiency.

The body was built to perform a certain way; specifically each joint was designed to function in a particular way. Problems arise when a given joint(s) begin to do the jobs of their neighboring joints, also known as movement compensation. Compensation is defined as the attempts to offset ones shortcomings by the exaggerated exhibition of qualities regarded as desirable.