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Speed School is a training and coaching program for High School Athletes who are ready to take flight and take their speed and strength to the next level.


Our program mission is to equip our athletes with the knowledge, skill and resilience to take flight in life and on the field.


Here's how we do it...



Instead of cookie-cutter speed training or flavor of the week strength workouts, our athletes train what they need to train.  This ensures we are actually getting better at the things that matter the most.


Our coaches are skilled pros, who have spent time in the classroom and on the training floor refining their skills.  Working with a skilled coach is a real game-changer.


Of players want to be great they must get our of their own way and that begins by the willingness to get out of their comfort zone and live with purpose and accountability.  Although we train athletes to be stronger, faster and more explosive, we spend equal time on building a champion's mind-set.  Learning about winning, losing, personal expectations, dealing with adversity are all part of our daily traing at Speed School.




==> Class lasts 75-minutes

==> All training is coach led and directed at all times

=> Provide needs-based training rather than the flavor of the week workouts

==> We track and record progress for all athletes

==> Train speed, agility, strength, power, balance and coordination

 ==> 2 WEEK TEST FLIGHT (unlimited visits) $50

 ==> MONTH-TO-MONTH (unlimited visits)

==> ANNUAL PLAN (unlimited visits with in season option)


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MONDAY- 4:00-5:15p / 6:15-7:30p

TUESDAY- 5:15-6:30p / 7:30-8:45p

WEDNESDAY- 4:00-5:15p / 6:15-7:30p

THURSDAY- 5:15-6:30p / 7:30-8:45p

FRIDAY- 4:30-5:45p

SATURDAY- 9:00-10:15a


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High School Testimonials

  • I really can’t say enough about the program.  Thank you for your positive influence and your high expectations in shaping the kids’ lives.
    Kathy Saindon (Parent)
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