“When you treat people like they’re old, they start to act like they think old people should act.”

Introducing a one-of-a-kind training program specially designed for active and competitive senior athletes. (Coming in August). 

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…Ageless Athletes is a training program for the 60 and up adult athlete whose race is far from over and is always looking to be a better version of themselves.

 One of the biggest frustrations I see in the fitness industry is the lack of attention paid to our senior athletes. We seem to relegate them to the machine section of the gym and tell them to do this forever circuit of 10 random strength exercises for sets of 15-20 reps. That way they’ll be out of the way, hopefully won’t hurt themselves and might even get a little bit stronger in the mean time.

I’m here to declare to you that way of thinking is a joke. I understand your body does not operate like it did when you were 20, 30 or 40, that things hurt more, take longer to recover and are generally harder to do. That’s not news to you. So let’s move on from that way of thinking.

The question isn’t whether you can keep up with your former self.

The question is, are you maximizing your current self?

Are you able to keep-up with the grandkids? Take a long hike? Swing your driver with power? Hit the slopes in the winter? Work in the yard like you enjoy? And do the things you value the most?

If yes, great we are going to make sure you keep doing those things. If not we are going to get you back to living on your terms.

Oftentimes senior fitness programs treat their members like babies unable to handle any type of physical demand or stress leading to stagnation or worse a decline of fitness. Of course we try our absolute best to avoid things that exacerbate existing injuries or aches and pains and create new injuries by being very selective and smart about how we plan and structure our workouts.


At the same time to get stronger and moving better we can’t just sit around fearing injury. So here is what we target in training:

  • Fullbody strength work, with an emphasis on hip strength, core strength and grip strength.
  • Mobility and flexibility work with an emphasis on the hips, knees and shoulders and back.
  • Balance and coordination work with an emphasis on changing levels, from standing to kneeling to lying and back up along with balancing on one leg and stepping up and down.
  • Stamina and endurance based training so that you have more energy throughout the day.

This program can truly change your life. We want to invite you to a really special opportunity to better yourself like no other fitness program can offer you beginning in August.

This training program may just be your fountain of youth!

With that said, there are a few prerequisites for entry into the program.

1. Perform most activities of daily living relatively pain free. We can work with the normal aches and pains, but if you are in chronic and or debilitating pain you need to consult a medical provider.

2. Live a somewhat active lifestyle. Our class is best suited for those who already lead a fairly active lifestyle and are looking to get even more out of it. If you are currently in-active, we recommend getting started with a program for beginners.

3. Must pass initial readiness assessment. This ensures you are healthy enough to participate in our program. Our golden rule is to do no harm, so we must be selective in whom we allow into the program for their own good as well as ours.

To learn more about this program and to get on the waiting list give us a call (815)-932-5492 and ask about our Ageless Athletes Program.