Everybody wants to get better, unfortunately not everyone is willing to do the work to get there.

When it comes to goal-setting, so many of us are guilty of simply making fluff goals we really have no intention of seeing through, probably just to believe in the possibility of a better future for ourselves or maybe just to make us feel good in the moment.

Most folks have a "want list" opposed to an actual list of goals.

Seriously, how often do you literally find yourself resetting or starting over again when it comes to setting goals or "trying again." it's endless right?

 Now that in itself isn't always a bad thing as it shows our willingness to keep coming to the plate and at least giving it a consideration, which is better than giving up all together, but at the same time it sure would be nice to be making progress right?

As we know motivation is a very limited commodity and a reliance on it will leave you in the same place you were yesterday. As lame as it sounds and as simple as it sounds, adopting the one habit at a time approach is a tried and true way to actually make things stick in your life.

Moving forward, you can still have your want list but be realistic about those wants remaining just that until you are ready to commit to making it happen.

Don't make a goal until you are going to be accountable for making it happen. End of story. Only make goals you will see through no matter what!

Here's How to Get it Done...

1) Better Your Odds- Change takes willpower and we know that willpower isn't an endless resource. We have limited amounts, especially when it comes to taking action towards something we really don't want to do, so best to save the majority of that for one task at a time. Find that one goal and beat that dead horse into the ground. Own that sucker!

2) Environmental Cues Matter- Want to actually get out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button on your phone? Place your phone somewhere you have to psychically get out of bed to get there.

Want to better the chances you will go to the gym in the morning? Put out your workout clothes the night before. That way when you wake up they will be there waiting for you when those sleepy eyes open.

Set your environment up to support your goals and it will.

3) Ge Back On The Wagon- If you drop off, get back on. Let's be honest, if you have a tendency to throw the towel in after you fall off the wagon once or twice then you were more than likely looking for an out from the start. Remember you're not stopping until you get it. It's okay to re-calibrate but not okay to stop.

4) Give It Time- Two weeks is crap, give it more like 2-months. Yeah that's right. What about behavior change did you actually believe was easy or quick? Sorry but for most, 14 days is bogus. Maybe you will have it locked down before 8-weeks are up but might as well leave no doubt.

Now go commit to something and just freaking do it until it's done!